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   Michal  Mahgerefteh

                                                    Poetry and Art                                                                                                      

DoodleMe Series
The Process

This series started in October 2020, during the COVID pandemic. My daily routine has changed: I started taking long walks and bike rides by the Elizabeth River and parks around the city—paying closer attention to the beauty of Earth: color and size variations of leaves, twigs, seeds, tree trunks, and petals. I also started feeling Nature: standing a little longer under the rain; deliberately pinching my fingers with thorns and sharp twigs; placing velvety petals against my cheeks; deeply inhaling the scent of flowers. How godly! and how new to my world and daily routine. To create my doodle art I use watercolor on heavy craft paper, often on repurposed craft paper, a set of one-hundred and twenty watercolor pen brushes, a set of fifty pastel pencils, white-silver-black and metallic gel pens, various markers, and so much more. Enjoy the art, Michal Mitak