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   Michal  Mahgerefteh

                                                    Poetry and Art                                                                                                      

Poetry Chapbooks
by Michal Mahgerefteh 


Poetry Chapbook

Poetry collection centered

on depression in older adults -

the author's relationship
with her father ( May 2022)

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Field of Harps

Poetry Chapbook

Poems reflecting

on the intent
and process

of writing.

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What's Left Behind

Poetry Chapbook

Poetry collection

centered on the author's

cancer-ill mother and the family

who cared for her.

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In My Bustan

Poetry Collection

The first collection (2009)

reflecting on family, tradition,

and country. Second edition

forthcoming in 2022.

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Sipping Memories
Poetry Chapbook

In 2008 and 2010,

Michal traveled to Morocco
to visit her grandparents' 
and parents' birthplace,
both trips inspired this 
visual collection.

2nd edition July 2021

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The Rising Song
Poetry Chapbook

Michal's 24-year-old son 

was diagnosed with double 

MRSA, and almost lost his life. 

This short collection
is about the experience.

November 2021

Poems coming soon

Writing Process

Coming Soon