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   Michal  Mahgerefteh

              Poetry and Art

The Art and Poetry of Michal (Mitak) Mahgerefteh

Writing BIO


2023 Events and Projects 

Book Clubs

Artists get together, reading and discussing the life of known artists from around the world.

Writing Workshops

The latest I took was in-person by Joanne DiMaggio: "Soul Writing, a three-day intensive at the A.R.E. with a certificate. 

Art Techniques

I'm currently participating in an online workshop on maximizing paper collage techniques - twelve weeks.

Zoom Literary Events

I participate in online poetry readings offered by state poetry societies, international groups, and literary magazines.

Book Reviews - Free Service

I write book reviews for poetry chapbook, free of charge. 
You are invited to submit your manuscript. 

Submitting to Literary Magazines 

 I continuously submit my work to magazines and pay the fee (if required) as a thank you to the editors for their time.

Social Media

 I maintain an active creative BLOG on Twitter and Instagram, but not as much on Facebook. Join the conversation!

Not Attending In-Person Programs

I don't feel connected to the material that is being shared at open mic events, and as a result, I don't wish to support it.