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   Michal  Mahgerefteh

                       Poetry and Art

About Michal Mahgerefteh 

Michal (Mitak) Mahgerefteh is an Israeli-American poet and artist, living in (Norfolk - Alexandria) Virginia since 1986. Her poetry has been published in many literary magazines, recent publications: Mindful Magazine (England-2022), Soul-Lit: A Journal of Spiritual Poetry (2021), The Poet Magazine (England-2021), Grey Thoughts Magazine (2021), Medicine and Meaning Magazine (University of Arkansas Medical Press, 2021), Global Voices Group Newsletter (Israel-2021), The Jewish Writing Project (2021)ARC Magazine (Israel, 2021), Verbal 2 Exhibit: Artists and Poets Collaboration (2021), Club Plum Journal (2021), Agape Review (2021), The Wild Word Magazine (2021), Eve Anthology (2021), Edify Fiction Magazine (2021), Baruch Literary Blog (2021), among others. Between 2010-2020, Michal has been an active member of The Poetry Society of Virginia: served as a student award judge, student award co-chair, book award chair, and webmaster. Michal is the managing editor of Poetica Magazine and Publishing. She is the author of four poetry chapbooks: In My Bustan (2009); What's Left Behind (2014); Field of Harps (2016); Sipping Memories (2018). Forthcoming collections: The Rising Song (2021) and FishMoon (2022). In her free time, Michal enjoys bike riding, hiking, visits to botanical gardens, cooking for her family, world travel, and making art using 100% recycled material.

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