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   Michal  Mahgerefteh

              Poetry and Art

About Michal Mahgerefteh 

Michal (Mitak) Mahgerefteh is an ESL poet and artist based in Virginia. She is the managing editor at Poetica Publishing, where she oversees the Miriam Rachimi Micro Chapbook Poetry Prize. Mahgerefteh has authored five poetry chapbooks, including "In My Bustan," "The Rising Song," "What's Left Behind," "Field of Harps," and "Sipping Memories." Her latest collection, "FishMoon," is currently in preparation and scheduled for publication in late 2023. In addition to her literary pursuits, Mahgerefteh serves as the marketing director for CEO Offices and Prestige Realty Group in Virginia. During her leisure time, she enjoys cycling, traveling, hiking, cooking, attending lectures, and visiting art galleries.